A Great First Impression

I had heard of Manchester escort agency before but decided to try them out. I was invited out to a business function and needed a good looking date who would be a head turner. My date needed to be someone who would feel comfortable in a dressed up setting and would be good at small talk.

Well, I got to choose and decided on a dark-haired Asian beauty. Most people are fascinated by the Asian look and I thought this might be fun for a change. I was right. The girl looked great and fit in perfectly with the crowd. Now I know why this company comes to highly recommended.

I don’t live in Manchester so I won’t be back for another month or two. I will definitely call them when I plan on coming back. I was certainly given a great first impression.

What Are They Thinking

Next week my boss is taking a select few of us coworkers on a short vacation to get away from the hectic part of our job. We are allowed to bring one other person with us so I decided to drag my fuck buddies along to keep me company once everyone heads to bed. I don’t think there is one person on the trip that is bringing their wife. Most of them are bringing a mistress or a friend. I guess they are tired of their partner or something, because if I had a wife I totally would have brought her. We are going to London, I mean come on, how romantic is that. It would be a perfect way to patch any underlying issues with each other. But who knows what they’re all thinking.

A Caribbean Vacation

I was ready for a vacation, I was exhausted from my long work hours. I’ve been single for many years and did not want to go by myself. My friend recommended that I take one of the London escorts with me on a Caribbean trip. At first I thought “no way” and then later I reconsidered and made that call. It was quite expensive and I was hoping that this trip was gonna be well worth it!

When we arrived I knew that this adult atmosphere was going to be perfect. Our meals and drinks were served to us personally and we were treated with respect. We stopped at the casino one time and never left our little fantasy resort. We did a lot of hugging, kissing, rubbing and touching that week. I was shocked to hear that she had so much fun that she was wanting a relationship with me on the flight home. I told her that we would work on it!